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Learn how to play through 3 beginner guitar songs beginning to end

After you learn the basics of guitar, what should you focus on so you become a good player?

Should you study music theory? Take a guitar soloing course? Practice exercises daily?


After learning the basics of guitar—which should include chords—the next and most important step is playing songs.

And by playing songs I mean, strumming through entire songs and keeping in time with the music like you’re part of the band.

That's exactly what you do in this FREE video course.

In the following lessons, you practice essential techniques needed to get your guitar-playing skills in order, and you get an inside look at how popular music is played.

The lessons include:

  1. "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton
    In this lesson, you see how to put basic open position chords to use in a real song. You learn when to strum, how to stay in time with the music, and what it means to follow the chord progression. You also play through the simple lead guitar line. You learn how to bend strings, slide, and use hammer-ons. Upon completion of the lesson, you'll be able to play along with the whole song from memory.

  2. "Wild Thing" by The Troggs
    In this lesson, you put more types of open position chords to use playing a real song. You learn how to play on and off the beats, and how to count breaks, so you come in on time. You get pro tips to help you switch between chords quickly and easily. To help you stay in time with the music, you are provided with a version of the song that is slowed down and features a click track. As a bonus, you see how to play this song using standard barre chords. After finishing the lesson, you'll be able to play along with the song recording beginning to end or even play it with a band.

  3. "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple
    This lesson begins with you playing one of the most famous guitar riffs of all time. You learn how to play the riff using the proper tone, timing, and technique, so you sound just like the record. The rest of the song makes use of so-called guitar "power chords," which are a staple of rock music and something every serious guitarist needs to master. You control your dynamics using palm muting. You play all the necessary rhythm guitar parts required to complete this song and play it with a band.

These three songs are chosen for this free course because they are well known, easy enough for beginners, and they are perfect for developing the skills necessary to make you sound great.

After finishing this course, you'll not only have three awesome songs you can play all the way through, but you'll be equipped to take your playing in any direction you choose.

Oh, and you also get free email support from your instructor so you can get help at any time. 🤗

So grab an acoustic or electric guitar and get ready to jam!

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"After months of practice with other methods, I was getting very frustrated with my lack of real progress. I still couldn’t play through a full song. Your approach actually works. I’m playing full songs and feeling like an actual guitar player. I can’t thank you enough!"

- Scott

“Desi fills in the gaps left by other teachers. Before, I was just gathering information. Now, I’m actually playing music. I can play through several songs beginning to end and I love it.”

- Mandy

"I learned the solo for Wonderful Tonight including the bends, slides, and pull-offs, but doing the chords and simple rhythm was a nightmare. I realized I’ve spent my first year learning scales, playing random riffs, and studying music theory, but neglected the basics needed to play complete songs. After following Desi’s instruction, I’m actually playing real songs and staying in sync with the music. I’m going to follow Desi’s advice and stick to this song-learning plan. I can see how my self-directed teaching was holding me back."

- Robert

"Trying to learn guitar with so many online resources to choose from put me on the wrong track. I fell into the trap of learning theory and soloing. My playing wasn’t taking shape and I wasn’t enjoying it. I now realize I need to learn how to play simple songs using basic chords before I venture into harder things. I took many steps back so I can actually move forward in a productive fashion. This course was exactly what I needed."

- Grant

Your Instructor

Desi Serna
Desi Serna

Hailed as a “music-theory expert” by Rolling Stone magazine, Desi Serna is the author of several instructional guitar books and video courses. He hosts one of the most popular guitar podcasts on the Internet and has millions of views on YouTube. Desi is known for his practical, hands-on approach to music teaching, with a focus on the guitar fretboard and emphasis on popular songs. He honed his craft through decades of teaching, performing, and publishing. He lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area, and works full-time managing his website and related content.

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